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The ability to provide a stable and dependable environment for children is paramount when a parent, for whatever reason, cannot raise their child. Situations also arise where adults, as well as children, need a guardian.At the law firm of Paul E. Swain, PLC, Mr. Swain understands the turmoil that can surround the guardianship process. His primary goal is ensuring the well-being of any person, either adults or minor children. In Oklahoma, this is accomplished by appointing a guardian to provide a stable, nurturing environment in which the child can grow and mature or an adult can be safe. If you are genuinely concerned about a friend or family member’s future, do not hesitate to contact the firm to schedule a free consultation to discuss your worries with an experienced Tulsa guardianship lawyer.

Oklahoma Guardianship Lawyer

Sometimes family members and supporting adults find themselves concerned about the well-being of a child or an adult. Maybe a child’s parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Maybe the circumstances involve mental illness, abuse or financial distress. Paul E. “Trip” Swain III understands that children and the elderly are fragile and often need protection. As an experienced guardianship lawyer, he can help you provide the care and protection that your friend or family needs. He knows that guardianships are a good way to help kids into safe homes without taking the permanent action of adoption.

At the Tulsa law office of Paul E. Swain, PLC, attorney Paul E. “Trip” Swain III can talk with you about the best way to take action. He has worked with many grandparents, aunts, uncles and other caring adults to have guardianships set up by the court for the care of a child or an adult. The law office also has knowledge of emergency procedures that can be taken to have a temporary guardianship put in place by the court if quick action is needed.

Whether your questions center on child guardianship, adult guardianship or the responsibilities of a conservator, it is important to work with a skilled attorney.

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Contact the law firm of Paul E. Swain, PLC, to schedule a free and confidential consultation. The firm offers flexible hours to meet your needs. Credit cards are accepted. Call the office at 918-599-0100.

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