Tulsa Out-Of-State Adoption Attorney

Depending on the specific circumstances, an adoption can follow a long and arduous path. Whether you are seeking a stepparent adoption, international re-adoption, private adoption or interstate adoption, it is crucial that you seek the counsel of a skilled attorney for advice and guidance.

As a Tulsa out-of-state adoption lawyer, Paul E. “Trip” Swain has built a reputation based on a long history of helping birth mothers and adoptive parents through the adoption process. He understands the importance of thorough preparation and the necessity of fully understanding the rules and regulations of the different states that are involved in the adoption process.

Oklahoma Interstate Compact For The Placement Of Children (ICPC) Lawyer

If the child or the adoptive parents are located outside Oklahoma, the adoption has to comply with the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC). In these situations, one state is the “sending state” and one state is the “receiving state”. The state where the child or adoptive parent is located and the state of Oklahoma must approve the placement of the child with the adoptive family. Mr. Swain will contact an attorney in the other state to discuss the details of the case and that state’s ICPC requirements. Through these discussions, the attorneys can determine in which state it is best to complete the adoption process.

Depending on the laws of the other state, the two attorneys will determine which state is best for the biological mother’s consent to the adoption, the consent of the biological father or the termination of his parental rights, and the completion of the adoption. Do not hesitate to discuss your unique situation with a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible.

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