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There is no such thing as an “unwanted pregnancy”, but there are “unplanned pregnancies” Learning of an unplanned pregnancy can immediately lead to serious questions and concerns about your future and the future of your unborn child. Many questions center on the notion of “What are my options?” or “What can I do?”

With over 30 years of experience in a diverse range of practice areas, lawyer Paul E. “Trip” Swain has the knowledge to guide clients through even the most challenging situations. He understands the stress and strain that individuals might feel when first learning about an unexpected pregnancy. He can provide valuable insight regarding your options, the challenges you might face through the legal system and how you can positively influence your baby’s future.

Oklahoma Lawyer for Pregnant Teens

The options may seem limited at first, but it is crucial to discuss your situation with a skilled Tulsa attorney. Attorney Paul E. Swain understands the difficulty of making decisions that have such far-reaching future implications. How can one possibly be expected to make decisions now regarding a child’s education 18 years in the future? It can certainly be a daunting process, but Mr. Swain has extensive experience answering difficult questions and providing guidance to clients.

Your first instinct might be to hide the pregnancy from friends and family. Through these difficult times, it is important to have a strong support system in place. Whether you are concerned about the biological father, the openness of an adoption or adoption myths that you’d like to discuss, do not hesitate in scheduling a free confidential consultation at the firm.

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