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The law office of Paul E. Swain, PLC, believes there are no unwanted pregnancies, only untimely pregnancies. Tulsa newborn adoption lawyer Paul Swain offers almost 25 years of experience representing birth mothers and birth families interested in adopting newborns throughout the United States.

Attorney Paul E. (Trip) Swain III began focusing on adoption law, after experiencing the joy of adopting in 1987. He is devoted to the ethical practice of adoption law and works closely with clients to address their pressing concerns. Mr. Swain is a compassionate attorney who understands the unique circumstances that lead birth parents to consider adoption. Mr. Swain was invited to become a Fellow in the nationally recognized Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA).

Every adoption is different and every adoption is cherished. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled Tulsa newborn adoption lawyer.

Representing Birth Mothers and Birth Fathers and Families Looking to Adopt Newborns

Attorney Swain offers a comprehensive background in adoption law. In some situations, he helps birth parents find a loving family to adopt their newborn. He is also available to represent parents interested in adopting newborns, but he cannot ethically represent both sides in the same adoption proceeding.

Some clients meet with attorney Swain, after finding a match, whether on the Internet or through other sources. In this circumstance, he guides clients through the legal process to make sure every detail is covered. Part of his work includes helping clients determine whether to have an open or closed adoption. An open adoption could be a variety of arrangements, including a one-time meeting or a commitment to send the birth parents photos of their adopted child. An open adoption means sharing information but not joint parenting.

If the adoption is occurring over state lines, Mr. Swain has access to other members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys to determine the legal requirements of the other state. The entire process can be handled in one state or both, depending on the states’ requirements. He works directly with the attorney in the other state, making sure every detail is covered.

A key part of attorney Swain’s work includes connecting birth mothers with loving families interested in adoption. Parents looking to adopt newborns are encouraged to create photo albums for birth parents to picture their family dynamics. If they so desire, birth parents have an opportunity to meet with several adoptive families after getting a better sense of the family from their photo album. This is often an ideal way for birth mothers and birth fathers to select the right family for their newborn.

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For more background information, reference our law firm’s resource guide on adoption services for birth mothers.

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