What Is Open Adoption?

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The adoption process is ever-evolving and the legal steps leading to a successful adoption are constantly being refined. Along with these legal changes, people’s attitudes toward adoption have changed over time.

Historically, most adoptions were closed or confidential. A closed adoption means that no identifying information is shared between the biological and adoptive families. In these situations, the biological mother may struggle with lingering questions such as: “Is my baby with a good family?” and “Is my baby doing OK?” Conversely, the adoptive parents may worry that the biological mother will someday show up at their home and try to start a relationship with the child or simply take the child away.

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Over the last twenty years, numerous factors have spurred the creation of the concept of the open adoption. Open adoption most often refers to many different levels of communication and sharing of information between the two families. By demonstrating to the biological mother that the child is being raised in a loving, nurturing household, the adoptive parents can reduce their fears that the birth mother will suddenly appear to interfere with the child’s growth and maturation.

There is no legal definition of open adoption as the notion is comprised of a broad spectrum of factors. The basis of the relationship is grounded in discussions between the biological mother and the adoptive parents. These two parties work together to arrive at an acceptable compromise. Based on the parties’ comfort level, open adoption can be anything from the biological mother seeing a picture of the adoptive family all the way to the exchanging of contact information and periodic updates regarding the child’s growth and milestones. Essentially, open adoptions can be as open or closed as the two parties decide. Sometimes, both parties decide to have a closed adoption.

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