Adoption Myths

It is not uncommon for individuals to trust friends or family members to provide background information on complex topics. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to gain a clear understanding of a legal topic without discussing it with a legal professional. Attorney Paul E. “Trip” Swain has dedicated a significant portion of his practice to guiding both adoptive parents and biological mothers through the adoption process. Unfortunately, there are numerous adoption misconceptions.

The Truth About Adoption

Adoption myths can change an individual’s opinion or color his or her impression of the process as a whole. It is crucial that you speak with a lawyer to discuss your own unique situation, but here are some of the most common myths that people are worried about:

  • All adoptions are closed: In the past, the majority of adoptions were considered closed. Essentially, this meant that the biological mother did not have any contact or future communication with the adoptive family. In recent years, more and more adoptions have attained a degree of openness. An open adoption usually entails a decision by the biological mother and the adoptive parents regarding the level of communication after the adoption is completed. Most often, the parties decide on some form of periodic communication that includes pictures of the growing child and updates regarding his or her life milestones. Sometimes, the parties decide to have a closed adoption.
  • Adoptive parents must prove wealth and a sterling educational background to impress birth mothers: In truth, birth mothers are usually more concerned with character and a strong value system.
  • Adopted children have difficulty later in life: As with any situation, the negative cases are always highlighted in the media. The Department of Health and Human Services released a study in 2009 called Adoption USA: A Chartbook Based on the 2007 National Survey of Adoptive Parents. Based on interviews with parents of more than 90,000 adopted children, 85 percent of the children were described as being in “excellent or very good health.” Eighty-one percent of the parents described their relationships with the children as “very warm and close.” Truly, every parent has a different relationship with his or her child, but statistics suggest that adopted children can mature at a healthy and happy pace.
  • Adopted children grow up hostile toward their biological mothers: This is a notion popularized by movies and television programs. While it is true that these children might struggle through difficult emotions at first, love and open communication from the adoptive parents can help them appreciate the challenging situation the biological mother faced in the past and the extreme sacrifice she made in the best interest of the child. The vast majority of adoptive parents I have met have nothing but the utmost respect for the biological mother because of the difficult decision she made and gratitude for the gift she has given to them.They try to make sure the child understands their feelings as he or she is growing up.

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